“Thr host is extremly nice and it was easy to communicate. Surronding is beautiful by river and so nice and quite.”

Ugodan, siguran i čist apartman

„Apartman je ugodan, siguran i čist, osobito dobar za solo putnike. U apartmanu možete naći sapun, ručnike, kavu, šećer, mlijeko, sok što vam boravak čini ljepšim i lakšim. Trgovina mješovite robe je u prizemlju. Apartman se nalazi u blizini poslovnog tornja Eurodom pa se da lako orijentirati. Grijanje je dobro a tv je super.”

We loved it

“We were on tour and had a couple of days off. We stayed for four days in Osijek and we couldn't had find a better place for us (4 people) to stay in. Very nice host and nice location with only a few minutes walk to the center of the city. If we ever come back to Osijek, this would probably be the place for us! / REPAY”
 Repay band

City of Culture Arts and Knowledge

osječki fakulteti

At the end of the 18th century, right after the construction of Tvrđa as we know it today, the knowledge incorporated in systematic, institutional education found deep roots in Osijek, from the Franciscan Faculty of Philosophy and theology to this day we have seen the development of J.J.Strossmaver Universitv, where its 11 faculties, 5 university departments and an Academy of Arts.

In addition to knowledge, the city on the river Drava also nurtures art— this fragile bond between the transience of this life on Earth and the timelessness of the ascension of the soul and spirit. The Central operators in the city’s cultural scene are the most definitely the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek and  Children’s Theatre “Branko Mihaljević”, the repertoires of which cover all forms of theatrical expression. Of course, we must not forget the galleries, which diligently and zealously exhibit the works of old masters as well as of modern artists, or the smaller cultural “scenes” which seem to be springing up all over town like mushrooms after the rain.