“Thr host is extremly nice and it was easy to communicate. Surronding is beautiful by river and so nice and quite.”

Ugodan, siguran i čist apartman

„Apartman je ugodan, siguran i čist, osobito dobar za solo putnike. U apartmanu možete naći sapun, ručnike, kavu, šećer, mlijeko, sok što vam boravak čini ljepšim i lakšim. Trgovina mješovite robe je u prizemlju. Apartman se nalazi u blizini poslovnog tornja Eurodom pa se da lako orijentirati. Grijanje je dobro a tv je super.”

We loved it

“We were on tour and had a couple of days off. We stayed for four days in Osijek and we couldn't had find a better place for us (4 people) to stay in. Very nice host and nice location with only a few minutes walk to the center of the city. If we ever come back to Osijek, this would probably be the place for us! / REPAY”
 Repay band


Osijek gastronomy

A spread of Food speaks volumes of the host, bis tempera-ment, hospitality and beliefs which, in turn, tell as how the host sees himself and others, himself in the world and the world in him.Like a picture, it speaks more than a thousand words about the people who have let you into their home and invited you to dine at their table. That is why the gastronomic Osijek is an exceptionally talkative, well-spoken polyglot, a grand orator who clearly speaks to passers-by about the Pannonian treasure vault from whence it has come. It is actually like a miniature Version of Europe, since it has been able to transform its often tragic destiny as a historical and geographical crossroads into a magnificent collage of traditions of ali the nations which have, throughout centuries, or even millennia, from the time of Mursa, Esseg or Osijek, passed through, left or decided to stay in this city. he gastronomic offer of Osijek, with its numerous multinational traditional restaurants, speaks of the peace-loving and hospitable nature of its citizens, who will always feed he hungry with dishes as rich as the plains, they will give our wine or beer as yellow as gold coins if you are thirsty or shake you up with some brandy which is as loud as the summer sun.