“Thr host is extremly nice and it was easy to communicate. Surronding is beautiful by river and so nice and quite.”

Ugodan, siguran i čist apartman

„Apartman je ugodan, siguran i čist, osobito dobar za solo putnike. U apartmanu možete naći sapun, ručnike, kavu, šećer, mlijeko, sok što vam boravak čini ljepšim i lakšim. Trgovina mješovite robe je u prizemlju. Apartman se nalazi u blizini poslovnog tornja Eurodom pa se da lako orijentirati. Grijanje je dobro a tv je super.”

We loved it

“We were on tour and had a couple of days off. We stayed for four days in Osijek and we couldn't had find a better place for us (4 people) to stay in. Very nice host and nice location with only a few minutes walk to the center of the city. If we ever come back to Osijek, this would probably be the place for us! / REPAY”
 Repay band

Life and Liveliness

Osijek loves to gather its children (to the City we are always its children), and bring them together on a joyful occasion, for a formal or informal gathering under the starry or overcast sky, or under a roof of a temple of culture or sports, because people need to celebrate things, to simply live together and share, like bread, the same memories of happy times, in order for the city to remain what it is and not become a mere dvelling place of souls who vere put in this very place by nothing more than chance.

Osijek is a city abundant with events such as Osijek Antiques Fair, whichtakes places on the Holy Trinity Square in the Baroque Tvrđa on the first Saturday of every month, Osijek Summer of Culture, which offers every year, from June 29 to mid July, a vide range of interesting cultural programs, concerts, plays and exhibitions. There are also Osijek Summer Nights, which take place on the last Friday in June, July and August, and the UFO (Urban Fest Osi­jek), which pampers the young generations with excellent concerts from the end of June to mid 1 uh. Then there is the “Slama” Land Art Festival in July, the Pannonian Challenge - music festival and extreme sports competition taking place in August, as well as the “Land without Borders”, an event organized every year by the “Breza” association, from late August to early September.