“Thr host is extremly nice and it was easy to communicate. Surronding is beautiful by river and so nice and quite.”

Ugodan, siguran i čist apartman

„Apartman je ugodan, siguran i čist, osobito dobar za solo putnike. U apartmanu možete naći sapun, ručnike, kavu, šećer, mlijeko, sok što vam boravak čini ljepšim i lakšim. Trgovina mješovite robe je u prizemlju. Apartman se nalazi u blizini poslovnog tornja Eurodom pa se da lako orijentirati. Grijanje je dobro a tv je super.”

We loved it

“We were on tour and had a couple of days off. We stayed for four days in Osijek and we couldn't had find a better place for us (4 people) to stay in. Very nice host and nice location with only a few minutes walk to the center of the city. If we ever come back to Osijek, this would probably be the place for us! / REPAY”
 Repay band

Sport in Osijeku

The citizens of Osijek have long understood the vital importance of the wise proverb which says that a healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body. So, back in 1784, the first archery association was founded in Osijek, which was the first sports association in the territory of Croatia. Gymnastics is the second sport which the citizens of Osi­jek started to practise on an organized scale, and have continued to do so since August 19. 1865, when the first Gymnastics Society (“Gombalačko društvo”) was founded. Since the end of the 18th century (Osijek has actually been experiencing a constant and unstoppable expansion of sports: from athletics, swimming, cycling, rowing and bowling to tennis, handball, basketball, volleyball and football. Osijek’s athletes have constantly and noticeably been present in the European and world sport scene, where they have achieved exceptional success and results.

In addition to the green surfaces it is so proud of, the city on the river Drava also boasts a great number of sports facilities, an infrastructure which guarantees sustainable development and a brighter future for the spirit of sports.